Learning Basics

Most of the time for most people, learning the basics is where we all start.

While one may desire to jump in and attempt great feats, having a good foundation will provide stability, plan for growth, and more confidence at learning newer, deeper roles or abilities.

There could be many ways to start this (and many opinions on what is foundational), I am wanting to share what works for me (including some of my failures) and hopefully it can help someone else progress.

Here are some structures (each different yet connected) that I will attempt to create a platform of and build upon (at times intersecting with one another):

  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Networking
  • Applications & Programming
  • Security
  • Troubleshooting

Please note that although I have taken some classes, have had some lab experience, and have worked in Computer/Network Support for over six years, I still have plenty more to learn, practice, experience, and to learn from my mistakes too. I do not claim to be a great writer, just someone who cares for others and wants to help another improve.