Computer Hardware – Breakdown

—– Technology will always update, improve, and cause more innovation.—– 

Even though I may be over simplifying the matter, computer hardware can be broken down to several smaller functional pieces: motherboard (MOBO), Computer Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM), a display – like monitor, and an input device – like a keyboard. Adding just power and an Operating System (OS) along with the devices mention can allow a computer system to run. At one of my locations of learning, there was a computer broken down that hung on a wall to signify this idea. I even used this idea laid out on a table to test different MOBO’s. We had several in the classroom, some good and some with failed components. This allowed students to use trial and error in re-building a computer.

Try not to get caught up on all the different types and sizes of components – there are too many to remember and they will change with newer technology changes. Focus on the most current and maybe the type prior to now.

Understand that for the most part, these functional pieces can be found from Desktop towers, to mini models, to laptops, to thin clients, to mobile devices, and in some regard, to servers. Even in the Internet of Things (IoT) will this be seen to run appliances, security, networks, cars, and so on. The pieces may be much smaller but the ideas of a main board, and brain to take and use all the process, memory to assist the brain, the input portion and a display portion as well.

When you have time look at the history of these components and how they have changed. It can be worth understanding where it came from. Understanding these pieces and how they fit together will allow us to then put other pieces in and branch out.

I will try to note different books, videos, sites, and such to dig deeper. Browse through them and see what piques your interest. Today’s is CompTIA’s A+ Certification exam guide book by Mike Meyers. Try to find a newer copy – usually you can either find one at your local library or even request them to get one if not.


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