Computer Hardware -The Players

Last time with Computer Hardware, we saw that in a simplified view  – the main components are the motherboard (MOBO), Computer Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM), an slide_4input device – like a keyboard and an output device – like a monitor.

This time we will look at more modern shapes/sizes of computers and ways they are used either in the home or office starting from the bigger to the smaller.


linuxone-640x828In the past, this device acted as a server of sorts and everything was computed on this device where dumb terminals (looked similar to a older personal computer) would interact in it to get things done. They have gotten much more sophisticated and have incredible speed to get many things done (as described in Wired magazine online: IBM is probably the most known company for these devices which are still used today.


In some ways,  servers are several regular computers combined together with one main mother board,  redundant storage and power systems while allowing for several CPUs and much larger amounts of RAM, but still exists to provide some service and/or tool to client computers.


Workstation/Personal Computer

Some years ago windows-pc51ukgduotylthere was more of a difference
between workstations (group of higher end computers for an office/enterprise) and personal computers for the average home user. Today, even the regular home user can have a high powered system or a less powerful system so they may be quite similar terms now.Some systems may be using a tower set up, a thin client/mini computer, or even a one-in-all — even touch screen ones.


Computers that allow one to be mobile and still do similar tasks as on a personal computer.


These are similar to the laptops except usually without any keyboard, are usually smaller and weight less.


These used to be more phone specific with a few apps and now are more mini computers that allow talking, texting and even video on some.phones5


Other Devices

Here are some newer devices which will continue to morph as technology advances (Smart Glasses, VR goggles, Smart Watch, Smart Speaker, Smart TV).


Here are a few other sites to see/read about new computer devices:


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