Programming – Basics

Depending on the perspective one knows most about, Programming categories (as presented by here) can either be of the OS/System, Application, Gaming, or Web types while others may see them more from a language defined categories like Procedural, Functional, Object-oriented, Scripting, or Logic Programming Languages (see this link for more about Language types) .

In either case, there will be some similar structure with different terms, commands, and usage as well as pros and cons for them all. I would suggest that one find their greatest interest and see how others have used programming (perhaps special languages or group focus) and study these. An example of this is from the excel with site whtutorial5ere they programmed the “Hello World” phrase using several language types. See here for how it looks.

I am still a newbie to Programming, but a few items I have noticed is several tend to use objects, methods, functions, Loops, logic, and more which may be laid out differently but still do similar work with similar results. Another similarity is the beginning and ending of items that many use brackets like { and } or <> and </>  when doing functions.

All this to say that programming at times may look easy, but to get it to do exactly what you want may take some time and effort. Search for the field of programming and /or the language that meets your need, study and practice it.

A few more sites that can help you get started are www.comentum.comThe Hornery, CodeConquest and Please note that there are many sites that can help that I have not listed. Find one that is laid out in a way that you can understand best (search youtube for some of these as well).



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